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Verano Candle

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$1,100.00 USD

Limited edition candle by Casaforastero + Hi-BYE. 

Sweet summer flashbacks, Saturday morning cartoons and warm orange sunsets. Fun + vibrant. Reminds us of opening a box of Froot Loops in the kitchen.

Top notes: Citrus
Middle notes: Cherry and orange
Base notes: Vanilla and Sandalwood

All candles have the same fragrance and contain about 270grams of vegetable based wax and oil. Glass container measures: height 3.5’ and diameter 3’.

Candle comes in a paper box and is securely wrapped for shipping. If you choose to pick up the candle in store, your box will contain matches, otherwise they will ship out without matches to follow shipping regulations.

**Please note that because this product comes in a glass container, we only offer shipping through Fedex to ensure a safe arrival**